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We have been saving more than 10,000 lives

 Every third person in an Indian city today is a youth. In about seven years, the median individual in India will be 29 years, very likely a city-dweller, making it the youngest country in the world. In this Over 30% of youth aged 15-29 in India are not in employment, education or training. This is more than double the OECD average and almost three times that of China. Why it’s happening because of inadequate skills of youth and system.

So here by TYF came with an inspiration to create skillful youth. Our programs create adequate interest among youth to participate in societal roles through various projects. Then we will build capacities of youth by youth resource centers providing adequate mentoring, guidance and providing a safe space where the youth can explore and realize their potential as rightful citizens.

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Our Approach

To INFORM young people about the issues and concerns those affect their everyday living.  To EMPOWER young people by imparting required skills and exposures and also provide them opportunities to develop to achieve their fullest potential.To INVOLVE young people in all the stages of their own personal development and that of their communities

Our Vision

The key words in the vision statement are that young people have to be self-reliant so that they have the ability to find a livelihood for themselves which leads to a contended life (this is dependent on person to person as contented life is a very personal perception). Once they are contended with their own lives, they will be in a position to even think about others which will lead to the path of contributing to development and ultimately become a leader.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work towards a society where youth can achieve their fullest potential. This statement breaks down the vision in to tangible and simple terms. The most important thing that is needed to make a person self-reliant is to make him/her realize their inner potentials and the person has to know the ways and means to utilize the same. 

Lives We Saved

Youths Trained
women Trained
Students Trained
Community Programs

How we help

Community Workshops

Providing workshop for Community People, Women’s Self Help Groups, Strengthening Gram Sabha, Summer Camps, Community Festivals etc

Health Programs

Conducting awareness programme on sanitation and nutrition for both school students and community, HIV/AIDS Awareness programme, Free Medical camp etc

Entrepreneurship Training

Training Youth through Entrepreneurship programs, Leadership programs, Life skills program, provide computer facilities, books through Youth Resource centers

Disaster Support

pre-post disaster assistance and management such as flood relief, accidental disaster assistance and distribution of  blankets, food, medical care and safe drinking water etc.

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