Community engagement

“No Man is an Island”- every person depend upon on another person for its growth and survival. No one can isolate him/herself from the society. To ensure healthy functioning and engagement with the society, Towards Youth Foundation (TYF) conducts various social and community activity programmes.  

We at TY Foundation emphasise the importance of youth in civic or community engagement by conducting programmes such as:

  • Community Festivals for Youth and Social Harmony
  • Summer Camps
  • Workshop on Working with Community People
  • Observations of important days
  • Strengthening Gram Sabha

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With the rising population of unemployed youth, ensuring sustainable livelihood is the need of the hour. TYF aimed at ensuring each and every youth involved into some productive self-sustaining activity and thus have taken initiatives to direct their knowledge, skills and ability in a productive engagement. A famous saying by Ming-Dao Deng goes like “ Remember that you are your own person. Do not surrender your mind, heart, or body to any person. Never compromise your dignity for any reason. Never depend on others for your livelihood”. Hence TYF organizes various sessions and iniatives like-

  • Workshop on Vocational Training for Women SHG Group
  • Entrepreneurship Development and Employability Skills
  • Entrepreneurship Promotion Programme For SHG Women’s
  • International Rural women day
  • Promoting Indigenous Products

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Youth leadership

Youth leadership is part of the youth development process which supports the young people’s growth and development. To ensure optimum   development for youth, capacity building programmes are provided. Our subset objective of youth leadership are to be aware and assess one’s own strengths and weaknesses, set personal and vocational goals, develop high self-esteem, confidence, motivation to work, be resilient, and be a role model. Our various programmes under youth leadership include

  • Youth Parliament
  • Youth resource centres
  • Enhanced Career performance and Entrepreneurship development
  • Leadership and Personality development
  • Workshop on life skills
  • Community Radio

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It is a universal belief that “He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything” and “Health is Wealth”

To ensure every person enjoys the best of his/her life, health is another aspect, TYF focussed on. The major tasks at the school and community level are to ensure each and every individual make the best decision about their health. Thus, facts and information on various health issue, appropriate steps and measures required to ensure healthy life styles are provided. Another major focus of TYF is to make schools ‘Free Tobacco Zone’. Thus workshops and training programme to prevent the usage of addictive substances is another primary concern.

Our main programmes as follows

  • Conduct awareness programme on sanitation and nutrition for both school students and community.
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness programme
  • Free Medical camp
  • Conduct of training and workshops on Drug abuse.
  • Observation of important days such as: Hand washing day, Nutrition day, International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, World No Tobacco Day, World AIDS Day etc.

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Disaster Management

As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”.  With the objective of ensuring safety in times TYF is committed towards pre-post disaster assistance and management. To protect oneself from both man-made as well as natural disaster, various workshops on disaster preparedness are conducted. Meanwhile, TY Foundation organize disaster relief programmes at the community level. To reduce the chaos and panic that a disaster brings, we have initiated programmes like; flood relief, accidental disaster assistance and distribution of essential items such as blankets, food distribution, medical care and safe drinking water etc.

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