Youth resource centers

The Youth Resource Centre (YRC) is set up in the community where Young People (YP) will have easy access to all its services. The YRC is a one or two room facility in the community, manned by one or two community volunteers or coordinators. The YRC provides facilities like computer desktops, printers, internet, books, counselling services etc. The centre also act as a hub where Young people have access to internet, carry-out desktop related works, access to printing, avail books to read and gather information on education, livelihood and employability options, provide platform to discuss and clarify civic issues, health issues, encouraged civic participation.

The YRC is also manned by trained volunteer, who helps young people access services and carry out guidance and counselling sessions with youth. The YRC network YP with various service providers to support them and develop into successful entrepreneurs / employees.
The Youth Resource Centre has the necessary infrastructure to perform the following functions

  • Setting-up and Facilitation of necessary information for youngsters
  • Capacity building (soft skills and vocational skills)
  • Networking and Linkages with other like-minded Organisations or Government systems
  • Lobby and Advocacy (with Community leaders / PRI representatives etc)

At present, we have two Youth Resource Center at Perambakkam, Thiruvallur in Tamil Nadu and in Bokaro District, Jharkhand which caters the need of the young people. We are committed to set up 5 more centres within a year to ensure that youth avail the services and empower themselves.