Self Help Groups

The SHG method is used by the government, NGOs and others worldwide. Thousands of the poor and the marginalized population in India are building their lives, their families and their society through Self help groups.

Self-help Groups have been playing considerable role in training of Swarozgaris, infrastructure development, marketing and technology support, communication level of members, self confidence among members, change in family violence, frequency of interaction with outsiders, change in the saving pattern of SHG members, change in the cumulative saving pattern of SHG members per month, involvement in politics, achieving social harmony, achieving social justice, involvement in community action, sustainable quality and accountability, equity within SHGs,defaults and recoveries, and sustainability -financial value.

Unfortunately, the concept of Self Help Groups has been narrowed down to credit and savings. The other objectives of capacity building of women and confidence building are completely forgotten due to the over dominance of the credit linkage and loan linkage facilities. It is extremely important to ensure that the other objectives such as social skills development, literacy among women, self-belief and confidence are also given equal importance.

TYF aims to showcase Self Help Groups (SHGs) in its real sense. The Skill Development Program for Self Help Groups has a 3 pronged approach

  • Formation of new Men and Women Self Help Groups
  • Strengthening of existing self-help groups to achieve the real objectives of its formation
  • Utilizing the potentials of Self Help Group Women as a support group for youngsters.