Life Skill training

UNICEF defines Life Skills as “a behaviour change or behaviour development approach designed to address a balance of three areas: knowledge, attitude and skills”. World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1993 defined life skills as, “the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with demands and challenges of everyday life.

In light of the above mentioned guidelines or attributes of Life Skills, our programs help students build such life-skills which bear primacy to everyday life and to effectively face the varied challenges the encounter. The highlight of our programs is that is that it is a ten-month program. Further it can be customized to the needs and requirements of the schools and the students. Further, the experts involved in the program are both national and international experts in the field of Life Skills Education, origami, toy making other skilled areas. These experts may involve as per demand and the requirement of the students and parents.

The program at TY Foundation have been classified into three categories for the benefit of the students. They are as follows:


Classes Program


Class 3 – 6



‘Rerum’ is creativity in Latin. This program is specifically designed for the students belonging to classes 3 – 6. A data become a knowledge when it experienced by the student. rerum extremely helps the children to know, experience the creative artworks and develop their thoughts through the effective participation, both physical and mental involvement of children. The modules involved in this program are designed to make an effect especially on the creativity of the students enrolled in the same using such techniques as Oregami, Toys from Waste, etc.,




Class  6 – 9



‘Svida’ is ‘Smart’ in Latin. This program starts with the psycho-metric tests that help us assess the interests of the students to better cater to the needs of the students. The program includes major life-skill training such as Developing Communication Skills, Improving Concentration, Improving Listening skills, Decision Making, Managing Time, Team Work, Developing Leadership skills, Problem Solving, Stress removal, Creative thinking, following social etiquettes, building self-awareness, goal setting etc



Class  10 – 12



‘Lumiere’ is light. The program for this group of students in the classes 10 – 12 is designed to best suit the interests of the students which are identified through a series psycho-metric assessments. In the total duration of the 10-months students will not only learn the basic life-skills such as Time Management, Stress Management, Communication Skills., but also will be provided a series  of career guidance programs  which is imperative for the students of classes 10 – 12.