Entrepreneurship training

The development of any nation lies in the hands of the youth of the country who are going to be the architects for the future. Development cannot happen in isolation and also cannot be achieved by individuals. Development is a collective effort and it has to be channelized in the right direction. India is one of the countries with a high population of youth with tremendous potential. Though, we are in the verge of becoming a super power and are proud of all the achievements in various areas, there are still some issues and barriers which halts or slows down the progress. One such issue is “UNEMPLOYMENT”. Entrepreneurial skills are being talked about abundantly but the talks are mostly around “Technology” and “Technical skills”. Entrepreneurial activities are looked at in synonym to business opportunities in a small scale and mostly the output is a product which is sellable. In a different angle, Entrepreneurs are those using some innovative technology to create a business opportunity with a profit


Though, the purpose of generating employment is satisfied, the bigger question is the sustainability and also the impact that the business or the activity is going to have on the future of the nation. Social entrepreneurship is about innovative, people-oriented approaches underpinned by a passion for social equity and environmental sustainability. Ultimately, social entrepreneurship is aimed at transformational systems change that tackles the root causes of those issues which have an impact on the development of the society and the nation at large.

TYF has designed this program with an intention to introduce the concept of social entrepreneurship to youth and also to capacitate them with all the skills that are needed to become a social entrepreneur and thereby contribute to the development of the nation.


Helping youth to shape their own lives.

  • Youngsters from 4 southern states benefited from the program
  • Practical exposure to entrepreneurship as a process and its importance
  • Hands on experience of the impact of rural entrepreneurship through field visits
  • Real time testing of entrepreneurship ideas developed by the participants
  • Direct feedback from the target group to improve the impact of the initiative
  • Holistic experience of Entrepreneurship with a practical perspective

Youth has developed business plan and piloted and got approval for their business plan

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